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We give you 3-steps of sanitizing, disinfection, and antimicrobial surface protection with extended stay... Everytime!

 This is a comprehensive 3-step approach to disinfection to ensure the best level of protection in your environment. It includes high traffic touch point cleaning of handles, knobs, buttons and more, our atomized, ultra-low volume foggers to disperse extremely small droplets of disinfectant covering large areas in a short amount of time and reaching into the nooks and crannies of hard to reach places. The final step in our Defender 3.0 Treatment is our antimicrobial surface shield which is also fogged into the space and permanently bonds to all surface, both hard and soft such as chair fabric or curtains. We can even treat mattresses.

We believe the best approach is to strike BEFORE the pathogens do to elevate the hygiene level in your environment and create a barrier of protection. So we highly recommend routine sanitizing and professional disinfection services for the most comprehensive and effective efforts to keep staff and family safe and healhty.


We recommend a thorough cleaning of all treatable areas prior to disinfection.


We will wipe the areas and objects that are frequently touched for best adherence.


These areas  include door and cabinet handles and knobs, desk phones, light switches, COMPUTER EQUIPMENT AND MORE


Area must be vacated.


All surfaces disinfected will be wet and be allowed to air dry for a specified amount of time. This is the "kill time" and ensures the effectiveness of the disinfectant.


It is recommended that papers or other materials that might be damaged by moisture should be removed in advance from the area to be treated.


Our antimicrobial surface protectant covers all porous and non-porous surfaces with a permanent, yet invisible bond that actively protects the treated areas for up to 30 days.


This technology "electrocutes" germs when they land on treated surfaces and remains active and powerful, even after your routine cleaning with harsh cleaning products, like bleach. 


Nontoxic, Antimicrobial Silver Ions Keep the Film Clean and the Surface Protected

Active for 90 days!     It's like having a self-cleaning surface 24/7 

We can affix the silver ion antimicrobial film to just about any surface such as a lever, elevator button, handrail, POS pad or refrigerator handle. Its antimicrobial protection works, with proper installation, to guard the film from degradation from microorganisms using silver ions. Silver ions react with and affect multiple sites in bacterial cells on the surface of the film, to keep the film clean.



Protects your staff and customers against high traffic door handles and touch surfaces*


This surface protection film instantly increases the hygiene level of any environment. *This product does not cleanse hands, but it aids in preventing germ transfer by preventing germ replication. It is made to be durable and leaves no residue when removed.


The antimicrobial effectiveness lasts for 90 days making it a cost-effective additional step and layer of protection in rountine sanitation and disinfection protocols. The protection film is antimicrobial, non-irritable to human skin, waterproof and resistant to most chemical agents: bleach, alcohol, and common cleaning products.

 cONSTRUCTION site &  equipment CAB


"Another Level of Assurance and Care"

Enclosed spaces like vacated buildings or construction equipment cabs can easily harbor exposure to germs and viruses like the coronavirus 

​When cleaning equipment cabs or disinfecting a worksite, we will use our CDC List-N approved disinfectants which have been tested and proven to deactivate the coronavirus, SARS CoV-2, the cause of COVID 19. Once services are completed, they will remain safe for immediate human exposure and use, so there will be minimal to no equipment downtime.


Our wipe-free products and techniques will not damage equipment components in the interior of the cab such as upholstery, screens or switches. We will make contact with the entire equipment cab such as floor mats, steering wheel, knobs,  seatbelts, buckles, gas cap, engine access points, handles, latches, grabbars and keypads.​


Coronavirus liability risks are being addressed in legislation, but employee lawsuits are still on the rise. In Nevada, during a Legislative Special Session on August 6, 2020, SB4 was passed to provide civil liability immunity to businesses for personal injury or death resulting from exposure to COVID, if the business, governmental entity or

private nonprofit organization "substantially complied with controlling health standards".  Section 29(2) provides that such immunity does not apply if the business, governmental entity or private nonprofit organization violated controlling health standards with gross negligence and the gross negligence was the proximate cause of the personal injury or death. Section 29 requires the court, as a matter of law, to determine substantial compliance with controlling health standards.


We knw that most businesses are doing their part to keep everyone healthy and safe, but as we return to welcoming our staff and customers back, these continue to be challenging times -- rountine and effective disinfection remains of the upmost importance. Certainly, it cannot be left to chance that employees will always comply with cleaning protocols with effectiveness to meet the standards test of the evolving statutes and guidelines. Germ Removers can provide documented and routine disinfection services to provide another level of assurance and care to your existing cleaning protocols and standards of care for these very challenging times.

The CDC has provided additional information on cleaning and disinfecting non-emergency transport vehicles


Sanitize. Disinfect. Protect.

University of Arizona* researchers found more bacteria on 85 shopping carts, than in 100 public restrooms!

Disinfectants require a certain amount of time to sit on the surface it is applied to so it can saturate and kill pathogens. If that "sit and kill time" is interrupted, the disinfectant will not perform as expected, thus providing a false sense of security to staff and customers.


Proper cart sanitization can help reduce the risk of communal germ, bacteria and virus spread. The Germ Removers will not only sanitize and disinfect your hand carts, baskets and and electric carts, but we will apply our antimicrobial protective coating that bonds to the surface and protects up to 30- days to stop harmful germs, bacteria and virus dead in their tracks. This protectant is clear, non-toxic and FDA approved as food safe.

Upgrade your shopping cart sanitization service by adding our antimicrobial protective film to the handles for 90-days of additional bacteria prevention.

* Bacterial Contamination of Shopping Carts and Approaches to Control