Industries We Serve

Office, Retail and industrial

We can disinfect and protect theaters, warehouses, manufacturing plants, storages, university campus and factories without worry of chemical cleaning agent interference with the work environment and little to no down time; as well as antimicrobial film on high traffic touch point areas such elevator buttons, door handles, credit card processing screens and more

Residential and RV

We can disinfect everything from a RV to a mansion. No square footage too big or small. We will provide a 3 step process, unlike many of our competitors that just spray and go. We will wipe si=urfaces as recommended by the CDC, disinfect and protect with our fogging process.

Construction sites and equipment

We will disinfect work sites - pre and post construction and construction equipment cabs where germs can hide and create high risks for exposure due to shared and frequent use. We help make your site safe and keep your clients and staff healthy without worry of chemical cleaning agent interference with the work environment and little to no down time.

Short Term Rental, Apartments and Hotels

We can disinfect and surface protect  a single personal residence or create a commercial account for move outs or as a new or renewal lease incentive.

Passenger Transportation

and Fleet Vehicles

Perfect for passenger service vehicles such as Taxis, passenger vans or buses, UBER, Lyft or used car sales. We can provide disinfection and surface protection. These services are a benefit to the driver and passengers health and wellness. 

Daycare and Schools

Children are a vulnerable population and daycare mats and toys can easily be covered with germs by the says end. Our products are non toxic , FDA approved for food areas and perfect for cleaning a daycare environment and the objects within or the equipment outside. 

Parks & Recreation

Gyms and Equipment

Our disinfectant and protectants can be applied directly to your stationary and portable equipment, team gear, workout mats and competition rings and cages with no chemicals or product residue.

Mattress, Fabric Furniture and Public Seating Areas

Because our products also deodorize, disinfect and protect porous and non-porous objects, we can take special care of your venue seating, waiting room chairs, couch, mattress, or curtains. You can now potentially preserve or add life back into these objects while protecting your health and environment.

Shopping Carts, Hand Baskets and Bakery Carts

We spray was disinfect each cart individually with a EPA approved and Eco-friendly disinfectant, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can even get our upgraded services and add our wheel debris-removal and lubrication service or antimicrobial film protection to your cart handles.